Smoky Horsey Struggle Bus Bloody Mary Mix
Struggle Bus Bloody Mary Mix

Your brunch game just leveled up.

End of the line

Smoky Horsey Struggle Bus Bloody Mary Mix

In addition to our family of spirits, Brushy Mountain is also responsible for a line of incredibly delicious bloody mary mixes. Try all three and join us on the Struggle Bus.

Available in three distinctive flavors – Freshy Veggie, Feisty Spicy, and Smoky Horsey, these bloody mixes bring ferocious flavor to your favorite anytime cocktail. Savory, spicy, tangy, and always fresh, Struggle Bus mixes help you catapult your brunch cocktails into a whole new realm of deliciousness. Just add some Frozen Head Vodka, then sit back, relax, and sip away.


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End of the Line Tennessee Moonshine

Smoky Horsey

Imagine the perfect balance of campfire atmosphere and backyard barbecue with a bold kick of horseradish on the finish.

Smoky Horsey Struggle Bus Bloody Mary Mix

Freshy Veggie

Think straight-off-the-vine tomato flavor that’s positively chock-full of herbs, mild spices, and aromatic veggies.

Freshy Veggie Struggle Bus Bloody Mary Mix

Feisty Spicy

Hot enough to wake up every last bud on your tongue, and backed by a full symphony of rich, savory tomato deliciousness.

Feisty Spicy Struggle Bus Bloody Mary Mix

Savory, spicy, tangy– top-shelf flavor is what you can expect from Struggle Bus mixes, because they were created by people who know bloody marys.

With three distinctive flavors to love, you can whip up the perfect drink for any bloody mary enthusiast, or change it up when you’re feelin’ wild.

The struggle is always nearby. Find Struggle Bus mixes at a variety of retail and Food City stores all across the southeast.

Struggle Bus was born at the  first legal distillery on prison grounds at the Historic Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary in Petros, Tennessee.


Hook 'em & Book 'em

Call off the dogs, take down the roadblocks, and send the Marshalls home. Brushy Mountain Distillery spirits can be found at a store near you. Frozen Head Vodka, Double Barrel Whiskey, Brimstone, Copperhead, End of the Line Moonshine, and Struggle Bus Bloody Mary Mix – find them all and get to mixin’!

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Struggle Bus COCKTAILS & Recipes

Just Bloody Delicious

Savory, spicy, and tangy– true top-shelf flavor is what you can expect from our bloody mary mixes. You can, of course, pair them with Frozen Head for next-level cocktails, but also know that Struggle Bus can bring big flavor to so much more than just a cocktail. Visit to check out our fun, easy, crazy-tasty food recipes, and make your next brunch absolutely Struggletastic.


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