Copperhead Cinnamon Schnapps Liquer

When great flavor strikes.



Our cinnamon schnapps liqueur strikes the perfect flavor balance with a little sweetness and a little bite. Though Copperhead leans a little more sweet than hot, the cinnamon flavor certainly shines through in this off-the-beaten-path spirit. An always-agreeable flavor profile makes it highly sippable, and we suggest serving it up chilled or over ice. Copper-like flakes made from food-grade minerals add to the intrigue of this unique drink, lending it a visual flair to match its flavor. So, pour some over ice, and let flavor strike!


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This spirit is nothing if not unique. Copperhead contains hints of cinnamon, rum, and vanilla aromas and flavors that come together come together in perfect collaboration for a taste that’s really something special.

Copperhead is distilled at the  first legal distillery on prison grounds at the Historic Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary in Petros, Tennessee.


Hook 'em & Book 'em

Call off the dogs, take down the roadblocks, and send the Marshalls home. Brushy Mountain Distillery spirits can be found at a store near you. Frozen Head Vodka, Double Barrel Whiskey, Brimstone, Copperhead, End of the Line Moonshine, and Struggle Bus Bloody Mary Mix – find them all and get to mixin’!

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Drinks for when You're Feelin' spicy

Jazz up your favorite mixed drinks with Copperhead, our cinnamon schnapps liqueur offering. Whether you're just looking to infuse an old standby with a little spice, or in the mood to try something totally new, Copperhead always delivers flavor that strikes. The result? Tasty cocktails that'll have you coming back for round two.


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