Brushy Mountain Distillery

Welcome to the end of the line

Brushy Mountain Distillery

Brushy Mountain Distillery


The World's First (Legal) Prison Distillery

Respect for the land, the people, and the history – that’s what goes into distilling at Brushy Mountain. With fresh grains from local farms and fresh water from surrounding mountain springs, we’ve crafted a selection of spirits to make any occasion special.

Three simple ingredients: water, corn, and time. End of the Line is the shine that’s done it’s time.

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End of the Line Tennessee Moonshine

Perfect corn and fresh mountain water. It starts simple, and it stays simple until it rests in this bottle.

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Frozen Head

Six years aged in a Caribbean rum barrel and bottled at cask strength, Brushy Mountain Double Barrel brings notes of caramel, butterscotch, and vanilla.

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Brushy Mountain Double Barrel American Whiskey

Truly one of a kind, our cinnamon white whiskey boasts hints of rum and vanilla – magic for any cocktail. Hellfire never tasted so good.

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Savory, spicy, tangy – top-shelf flavor is what you can expect from our bloody mary mixes. Pair them with Frozen Head for cocktails that are next-level.

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Feisty Spicy Struggle Bus Bloody Mary Mix


Hook 'em & Book 'em

Call off the dogs, take down the roadblocks, and send the Marshalls home – Brushy Mountain Distillery spirits can be found at a store near you. Frozen Head Vodka, Brushy Mountain Double Barrel Whiskey, Brimstone, Copperhead, End of the Line Moonshine, and Struggle Bus Bloody Mary Mixes – find them all today, and get to stirrin’!

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Get mixed up in something good

The best cocktails call for the best spirits, and the gang’s all here. For more than a century, Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary was the literal end of the line for Tennessee’s most wayward souls and toughest criminals. Now the space is alive again, and the liquor distilled within its walls is ideal for an endless library of perfectly-crafted cocktails. Mix one up today!


historic brushy mountain state penitentiary

Historic Brushy Mountain State Penetentiary

Some assumed doing time was easy.
Brushy Mountain changed their minds.

Some thought they were unbreakable.
Brushy Mountain broke them.

Brushy Mountain gave them two choices:
Get right or give up.

Brushy was the damnation of many an evil man,
and the salvation of a humble few.

For more than a century, Brushy Mountain was the end of the line,
and it’s that very spirit that goes into every bottle.


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If you're a licensed distributor and interested in adding Brushy Mountain Distillery spirits to your list of offerings, we'd love to hear from you.

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TN Whiskey Trail

Did you know Brushy Mountain Distillery is a stop on the Tennessee Whiskey Trail? Developed in 2017 by the Tennessee Distillers Guild, a group of 26 whiskey-making distilleries in TN, this guide to TN distillery tours is a must-do for whiskey lovers whether they live in the Volunteer State or are just traveling through.

The trail itself spans 800 miles of rolling hills and sweeping Tennessee landscapes with nearly 30 distillery stops spread out across East, Middle, and West Tennessee. Brushy is one of the many destinations that make this trek a perfect adventure for any whiskey enthusiast.

Brushy Mountain Distillery