End of the Line Tennessee Moonshine
End of the Line Moonshine

The shine that's done it's time.

End of the line

End of the Line Tennessee Moonshine

End of the Line moonshine starts with cold water from the mountain springs that surround Brushy Mountain, carefully mixed with corn whiskey and grain neutral spirits, then patiently worked in a world-class distillery that resides inside the old prison.

End of the Line Moonshine comes in eight flavors ready to satisfy any taste. Each one is perfect for sipping, mixing, or sharing with good friends and kind strangers. It’s not just true Tennessee Moonshine, but the truth of a place that shaped people’s lives.

By all means, enjoy your drink. Just remember to stay humble. And pay your respects.


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End of the Line Tennessee Moonshine

Scared Straight

Brushy Mountain had its shadows and secrets, but it didn’t tell lies. That’s exactly what you get with End of the Line Scared Straight Moonshine. Clarity. Honesty. The truth.

End of the Line Tennessee Moonshine


This delicately spiced and unforgettably flavorful moonshine will leave you asking how could they put something this delicious in a bottle? We think you’ll find it’s so d--- good, it’s almost criminal.

Frosted Orange

This one-of-a-kind, unbelievably refreshing flavor will never be duplicated. A hint of sweetness, that unmistakable touch of citrus, and the chill that follows each and every sip – Cheers!


This rich, silky-smooth drink can only be described as one thing: divine. If butterscotch is your thing, this is your moonshine. Buttery. Flavorful. Delicious.


Enjoy the subtle, almost creamy blend of sweetness with a tart finish. With the natural flavor of vine-ripened berries, it sips just fine on its own or as mixed drinks shared with friends.

Peach Cobbler

Picture it: a lazy, summer afternoon, and grandma just put a freshly-baked peach cobbler in the kitchen window to cool. Well, we’ve bottled that vivid memory, and you just have to taste it.

Apple Pie

This spirit starts with our unbelievably-pure, frighteningly-clear spring water. Mix it with perfectly-spiced local apple cider, then distill it till it’s as smooth and warm as a perfect memory.


We carefully arrived at each one of our exceptional flavors and they wouldn’t be complete without Honey. This delicate touch of sweetness is pure delight over ice.

One top feature of our End of the Line Moonshine is the variety of flavors we've created. With eight to choose from, there's a perfect flavor for every drinker and every circumstance!

Tasty enough to stand on its own, but incredible in the context of cocktails, End of the Line is a versatile spirit that absolutely deserves its own space in your home liquor cabinet.

We source quality corn, wheat, barley and and fresh-as-can-be mountain spring water. The result is a purity unrivaled.

End of the Line Moonshine is distilled at the  first legal distillery on prison grounds at the Historic Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary in Petros, Tennessee.


Hook 'em & Book 'em

Call off the dogs, take down the roadblocks, and send the Marshalls home. Brushy Mountain Distillery spirits can be found at a store near you. Frozen Head Vodka, Double Barrel Whiskey, Brimstone, Copperhead, End of the Line Moonshine, and Struggle Bus Bloody Mary Mix – find them all and get to mixin’!

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End of the Line Moonshine COCKTAILS

HIgh Proof, Low Risk

We think you’ll be hard pressed to find any Moonshine out there that’s as downright enjoyable as End Of The Line. Certainly none of the others have the same dark and rich history associated with their names. And not a one of ‘em is distilled and bottled on the grounds of a former maximum-security prison. So what's the hold up? Use our diverse line of deliciously unique spirits to mix up a cocktail or two today, and get to sippin'.


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